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Theosophical Society in Wales

Syllabus Spring 2019

Wednesday afternoons starting at 1.30pm

Wed 16thJanuary:

The Key to Theosophy Chapter VII -On The Various Post-Mortem States –The Physical and the Spiritual Man

Wed 30thJanuary:

‘The Western Esoteric Tradition’ - Noeline Hart -Talk at TS Summer School  (DVD)

Wed 13th February:

The Key to Theosophy  Chapter VIII – On Reincarnation or Rebirth

Wed 27th February:

‘Finding the Wisdom Within’ – Pam Evans - Talk at TS Summer School (DVD)

Wed 13th March:

The Key to Theosophy – Chapter IX  On the Kama-Loka and Devachan

Wed 27th March – no meeting- lodge closed

Wed 10th April:

The Universal Mind and the personal self – Erica Georgiades Talk at European School Naarden (DVD)

Easter Holiday


Study Days planned for 2019:



Saturday 4th May     Exploring The Secret Doctrine

With Janet Hoult and Tony Maddock


Saturday 18th May 2019 Exploring Nature Spirits and Elementals 
with Robert Woolley


Saturday 16th February: Exploring Esoteric Christianity, Mysticism and the Spiritual Revelations of Theosophy Concepts of God and The Christ with Rt. Revd Dr Michael van Buren