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Hireal Community Centre

Ambrose Street




APRIL, MAY, JUNE    2018

All Tuesday TALKS start at 7.30 pm till 9.00 pm,  followed by refreshments.



April 10th     Tim Wyatt       “God, War, Work, Sex, Death and Money!'       'The Esoteric Perspective.”

                                                These six ideas dominate our thinking and obsess our lives,. Our understanding of them all is deeply flawed because we look at them from a purely material, rather than a spiritual perspective. When we begin to explore these ideas esoterically, from an Ageless Wisdom perspective, we realise there is much more to them than we may have originally imagined.  In this thought provoking talk, Tim offers a radical re-think on these notions. God is not a separate and seasoned sadist waiting to punish us. War maybe cruel, but it has been a key catapult for evolution. Work is undergoing its biggest transformation in the history of the human race.  Sex is widely misused and misunderstood, but will ultimately prove to be redundant.  Death is a myth. Money has been systematically degraded from an energy into a toxic form of control, and needs to be re-spiritualized.      

April 24th     Vic Hao Chin    'Exploring Intuition.'

                                                 (No description.)


May 8th     Robert Woolley  What does a Gnostic know?'

                                                This talk explores he teaching of the Gnostics, and the ancient traditions                                         from which it developed.       


May 22nd      Fiona Odgren   'Timeless Themes in the Secret Doctrine

                                                                                      That capture the Heart.'

                                                Exploring these themes from the Secret Doctrine.


June 12th     Susan Bayliss     'Magic and magicians on the Path of Life.'

                                                Magic and illusion in the pilgrim's life. Exploration of their role in the material world and the spiritualisation of consciousness. Theosophy teaches us how to become our own magicians and holds the key to the mystery of alchemy in this great quest.


                           June 26th            Study Night.     Continuing Study of Tim Wyatt's book                                                                              'Cycles of Eternity.'    (Root Races.)