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Hireal Community Centre, Ambrose St. Bangor



All Tuesday TALKS start at 7.30 pm till approx 9.00 pm, followed by refreshments.

Leaving the Hall by 10.00 pm



January  8th                            AGM


January 22nd                          'Family Karma.'  Talk by Gillian Monks.

                                                How the lives of our ancestors can affect us now, and what we can do to heal the past.


February 12th                                    DVD taken from European Conference 2016.

                                                Pablo Sender talking about 'The Nature of the Monad.' This is from a European School lecture in 2013.


February 26th                        Talk by Wayne Gatfield.  Life, Death and Immortality,'


Inwardly we are Immortal Beings, but we have forgotten, as our thoughts became overlaid with the illusions of our transient nature. 

This talk touches on the twin laws of reincarnation and karma, but tries to give pointers as to how we can regain awareness of our Immortality.


March 12th                             Study Night              

                                                'Heirarchies and Angels. Information taken from Fiona Odgren's book 'Timeless Truths of the Secret Doctrine (pages 8 19.

                                                'Instights from the Masters.' pages 83 87

                                                and a dip into Eric McGough's Angels talks.


March 26                               Talk by  Hugh Agnew.  "The Flame of Truth."

The human thinking self is a ray of the Great Flame, the Great Truth that sustains and fills our world, the one Divine energy.

That is our common nature. e grow by assimilation of more and more of that into our thinking nature, 

which thus slowly becomes the Flame and is no more under the domination of the forces below.

We raise the mind little by little by finding  and creating thoughts that glow and radiate, the pure, strong, unselfish thought that raises the whole being to the heights of Light,

transforming the mind little by little, day by day, till at last it reaches reunion with the Great Flame of Truth.